Makeup Masterclass- OCTOBER 3rd, 2021


What you'll learn

  • Apply makeup with confidence
  • Create a flawless, natural makeup look
  • Easily enhance your everyday makeup
  • Celebrity secrets for makeup looking 10x better
  • How to choose a foundation color for your skin tone


  • Nothing!
  • Basic Makeup Products will be required when you practice
  • Mirror will be provided, with brushes & small makeup tools/gift bag
  • A willingness to learn and have fun :)




  • How do you feel when you apply makeup? 

    Do your makeup skills need a revamp?

    As you journey through life your face, skin & style changes. To avoid ageing your look or dating your image, your makeup needs to keep up with these changes.

    If, like many women, applying makeup makes you frustrated, messes with your self-esteem or leaves you wondering why you never get it right, I'm here to remind you you're not alone. And that you're in the right place if you want a simple solution. That's right, this empowering Makeup Masterclass will change the way you look at makeup forever.


    In this confidence-boosting course you will learn:


    • Simple tricks to instantly boost your confidence with makeup
    • Practical ways to improve & revamp your makeup look
    • Expert techniques for applying foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, contouring & lipstick
    • Step by step guide for easily creating a flawless, natural-look makeup
    • How to hide your flaws and imperfections
    • Secrets to an even, long-lasting makeup
    • How to choose a foundation colour that suits your unique skin tone
    • Brush skills that supercharge your makeup application
    • Memorable makeup tips that will stay with you forever


    My name is Tiffany, and I've been a Makeup Artist in the beauty industries for 12+ years. I've been fortunate to travel, work with top influencers, TV personalities and learn from some of the best in the makeup biz.

    Working with many skin types and skin tones has shown me the most effective ways to hide all sorts of flaws and imperfections. It also means I have an abundance of expert tips & tricks to share with you. This is why I'm making it my mission to help YOU realize that makeup is easy - when you know how.

    Whether you’re an influencer, upcoming model/actress, waitress or a busy mom, I know you want to apply your makeup quickly, flawlessly and with confidence. You don't want to struggle or waste time correcting simple mistakes. That's why this course teaches you how easy it can be to apply makeup so you look & feel fabulous - and confident. No more makeup meltdowns or hissy fits in front of the mirror.

    I invite you to banish your makeup frustrations to the past and step into a fresh, empowered NOW where makeup confidence is all yours. Simply take this course today and I’ll be honored to walk alongside you. I look forward to seeing you in the first video.

    xo Tiffany


    Who this course is for:

    • Women wanting to boost their confidence with makeup
    • Anyone wanting to create a flawless, natural makeup look
    • Anyone wishing to hide their flaws and imperfections
    • Women struggling with makeup & their ageing skin
    • Does not teach how to create heavy, dramatic makeup looks.


     *Snacks, drinks, face chart, product list & gift bags included

    DATE: Sunday October 3rd, 2021

    TIME: 1pm-3pm 

    LOCATION: LashAnarchist 

    7750 E.Gelding, Scottsdale, AZ 

    *open parking lot*