Meet the owner & head artist of Dolled Up Luxe. Dolled Up Luxe is a high-quality hair and makeup styling service based in Scottsdale, AZ. Tiffany Filimon, the artist behind Dolled Up Luxe, has worked with a range of clientele, constantly learning new styles to help make you look & feel beautiful. She has worked with and shadowed some of the top wedding, celebrity & editorial artists. Working on set for some of the largest brands you see today. With over 14+ years of experience & growing up her entire life in her family's salon, she has the knowledge and versatility to help you look & feel your best for any occasion.

Dolled Up Luxe focuses on providing a high-end luxury service, using the finest products to produce the best results. For your special day, Tiffany will work closely with you to curate a personalized look tailored to your aesthetic. No matter what your desired style may be, Tiffany will work with you to help make it a reality.